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SPOTTED: 1940s Vintage

March 23, 2013


I was very interested by the playful, yet classy style of this young man. The pattern on his shirt especially made me think of a 1940s vintage inspired print which can be seen in Louise Goldin autumn winter 2013/14 as well as similar colours from 1940s-inspired collection by Ulyana Sergeenko (Keating, 2013). This trend of vintage 1940s inspired prints looks to interior fabrics and retro wallpaper designs for simple, yet playful geometrics with a handmade feel. The design on his shirt has a traditional textile look, while hues of green combined with cream and brown enhance this 40s trend (Keating, 2013). I asked him where he had found this shirt, and he told me he bought it from a thrift shop. The trend of thrift shopping in the 21st century is continuing to increase, with the ‘old becoming the new again’ (, 2013). Romy (2013) has identified how the ‘past is present for fall,’ describing how the Fall 13 catwalks are bringing back old styles. Indicative of this old becoming the new style, the WGSN Autumn/Winter 2014/15 macro trend that comes to mind is the “Modern Myth.” It involves an ‘ancient futurism’ with earthy hues of light olive greens and browns (WGSN Trends team, 2013). Creating a new modern future from the mythological and ancient past is what this trend incorporates (WGSN Creative Direction Team, 2013). The vintage 1940s inspired print on his shirt, mixed with the use of earthy tones incorporates this ‘old is the new’ trend, evident in the “Modern Myth” macro trend. The playful geometrics sourced from a previous time generates this ‘ancient futurism.’


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